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  • Collection: Richard and Carole Cocks Collection

Royal Vienna portrait plate with 5 gilt cartouches in border separated by diamond shaped panels with urn designs on cobalt blue field. Center has portrait of seated female figure with brown hair playing a harp with right hand and foliage in left.

Pierced basket on a base of 4 legs with 3 pink flowers inside. Two standing Putti on outside holding 2 floral strings of pink flowers around the basket. Oval dish, 2 cupids. Yellow, white, multi-colors.

Yellow oval soap dish. Center medallion flower and gold, each end cherubs near rose.

Plate; center medallion and border are apple green, overlaid with gold, 3 cartouches of animals and 3 flowers.

Cup and Saucer; White with scattered flowers baroque style. Multi-colored.

Reticulated border in gold, scattered flowers in center. Floral, multi-colored.

Plate; done in magenta with gold, flowers.

Candlestick; Woman holding child, base decorated with irises. Multi-colored.

Dish; leaf shaped sweet meat dish with handle in shape of rose branch. Multi-colored.

Plate; bisque pattern in 4 parts. Multi-colored.
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