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Edna Kelly Collection

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The Edna Kelly Collection consists of various Native American material goods dating to the late 19th and early-to-mid-20th centuries.

Breverman Collection

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The Breverman Collection consists of various oil lamps and ceramic pots from the Mediterranean area, including Rome, Greece, Egypt and more.

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Belleek Pottery Collection


The Belleek Pottery Collection consists of various pottery goods such as tea sets, vases, and more made by Belleek Pottery.

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Pre-Columbian Artifacts


A selection of objects from the Miami University Art Museum collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts.

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Raffia Textiles Collection


This exhibit consists of selected raffia textiles from the collection of African art at the Miami University Art Museum. The primary goal regarding these objects is to contextualize and analyze across multiple platforms. The exhibit explores various interlocking themes that are essential in creating a broader understanding of raffia and its related political, social, and economical implications.


Eurasian Steppe Bronzes Collection


Marked by a plethora of nomadic groups and rapidly rising and falling empires, the Eurasian Steppes are known for their production of highly artistic and well-rendered bronzes that often identified the status and wealth of the wearer and featured identifiable animal imagery.

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The Rookwood Pottery Collection


The Miami University Art Museum's collection includes almost 50 examples of Rookwood Pottery, dating from 1884 to 1953. 

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Ancient Egyptian Collection


Objects classified as Ancient Egyptian from the Miami University Art Museum's permanent collection

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