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Completely made of cloth and synthetic materials - meaning of the mask is to project the global relevance of Ekpe, the secret society that performs it. Ekpe was the association that facilitated international trade with Europeans starting in the…

Handwoven cotton cloth with brown/black square, white stripes and brown/black diamond design; twining at each end decorated with handmade bead.

Kuba Lid and bottom with peaked lids of nearly equal height encircled by central raised extension. Raised herringbone weave on lid and base; hole in top.

Squat horizontal shape, blocky legs; kneeling figure one end; creature with spiraled cone form (tail?) in mouth. Fanciful imagery; appears worked to suggest age, use.

Flat rectangle with pair of cowrie quatrefoils and blue beads; framed with blue and white beads on three sides; three dangling cowries placed with back side up; burlap back; raffia string.

Flat open work diamond atop pair of elbowed extensions pointing upward; black fiber loop. Two rows horizontally placed cowries with trim of blue and white beads. Reverse back with worn frayed red fabric. Appealing composition with much use evident.

Inverted heart-shaped base with blunt top where hide loop is attached; interlocking diamonds of yellow, green, red; trimmed in cowries; trim of blue and white beads.

Long section of black and white beadwork in center as interlaced braiding in striped black and white beads with flat beadwork in interlocking diamond pattern; remainder of belt with three rows of horizontal cowries with knots between; imported red…

Box, incised wood

Box, wood and brass tacks, with carved designs similar to those seen in Kuba textiles and houses.
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