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  • Collection: Richard and Carole Cocks Collection

A group of canoes wading over the water.

Woman holds her baby close to her face. The baby is wearing a red bonnet and both figures are wrapped under a grey cloth.

A young woman wearing a red headscarf and white top.

Large yellow/white roses, zoomed in

19th Century, Rose Famille porcelain. Sides have 8 alternating panels, one set of 4 with Mandarin figures, the other with ornithological figures

Fruit compote mounted on a tapestry pattern porcelain pedistal.

A group of woman dressed in 19th century clothing, sitting at tables in an outdoor setting, having tea; carpets are hung from a line behind them; a nude man and nude woman, clasping hands with arms stretched out to their sides, are back to back in…

Portrait of a distinguished gentleman with a full beard, black evening suit and holding a book in his left hand. In front of Victorian curtains with the Ohio River and hills in the window.

Portrait of a young woman with a black bow in her hair; pastel on paper

Rockport harbor scene with boats; pastel on paperboard
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