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A group of four oxen harnessed and pulling a sled.

A man working a field in front of a brick wall.

Woman is seated with her back to the viewer and her head turned to the left.

2022.26_1 1.jpg
Landscape of a town across a prairie. The houses, train, and Churches are black, white, and red.

City scape of Wall Street. Snow is covering the street and umbrellas of people walking.

An old woman is wearing a black garment with a white bonnet. Her right hand is near her face with her pointer finger touching the string of her bonnet.

Abstract view of a hill town on a river.

Landscape at sunset with the crescent moon in the distance. A woman in blue is sitting in the bottom right.

Colorful, autumnal landscape. A pond in the middle of a forest with hills in the background.

Study of a standing woman wearing a gown and updo.
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