Selected objects from Miami University Art Museum's collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts.

Collection Items

Figurine,seated female with serpent headdress
Seated female figurine, ceramic. Guatemala: El Quiche; Maya.

Female figure, Colombia
Female figure with hat; red and cream bichrome ceramic

Seated figure, Colombia
Seated figure with flat head, curved arms, and narrow slit eyes, buff colored

Hacha, effigy ax, El Salvador
Profile of human head wearing jaguar headdress, grey colored

Funerary urn, El Salvador
Human effigy urn, buff colored

Standing male, matrimonial couple with 78.S.2.107, Mexico
Standing male figure colored with red cream and orange slip

Kneeling figure
San Sebastian Red-style, kneeling figure burnished with red and cream slip

Standing female figure, Mexico
Terra-cotta standing female figure w/ turban, nose ring, arm bands, and large earrings. Colored: red slip, with traces of cream and black slip.

Female figure, matrimonial couple, Mexico
Terra cotta standing female figure, part of matrimonial couple(see 78.s.2.111). Holding basket or bowl on left shoulder; nose orament and earings; turban headdress; cream and yellow painted decoration.

Seated male figure, Mexico
Male figure, striped decoration; bicorn headdress; cream and red colored slip
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