Belleek Pottery


Belleek Pottery


Selected objects from the permanent collection of Miami University Art Museum


Pottery made by Belleek Pottery (est. 1857 in Fermanagh, Ireland)

Collection Items

Chinese Dragon Teapot
Teapot; chinese dragon, porcelain.

Triple Tulip Vase, II
Three tulips

Florence Jug
Jug; pitcher form, porcelain.

Victorian Shell
Shell; victorian, porcelain.

Greek Dessert Plate
Plate; dessert plate, pierced, painted with gilt trim, porcelain.

Pierced Basket Spill Vase 1
Pierced Basket Spill Vase; pearl luster and cob glaze, flower pot shape.

Lithopane "Water Carrier"
Water Carrier; Lithopane, woman with water jug, porcelain.

Double Root Spill
Spill; double root spill, 2 flower vase, porcelain.

Cone Cream and Sugar
Cream and Sugar; cone cream and sugar, porcelain.
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