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Sheep grazing in a meadow

Flock of sheep on path

Pair of vases, or bottles, Chinese; the handles on this pair of vases are in the shape of a dragon-like lizard, with the spots of a leopard. There is a reptile called the leopard gecko, and also one called the bearded dragon. It is possible that…

Pair of large vases decorated with Fu dogs in red/orange on white; calligraphy in black on back of vases

Plate; Hand painted harbor scene in center of plate, the scene enclosed by cartouche of orange; reticulated border.

Plate; Dinner plate, deep, with small gold swag border and center motif of exotic birds in idealized rural setting (swan, duck and pheasant); insects 2 butterflies, a beetle, a fly and a moth are equidistant around rim. White ground.

Female Figurine; Lady with flower wreath in hair, wearing court dress with scattered flowers, lifting hem of skirt to display ankle. Polychrome enamel decoration, hard paste porcelain.

Dessert Plates; White ground, three pierced border panels alternating with 3 floral motifs, multi-color. Center of plate shows multi-color scene of young man and woman in idealized landscape setting.
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