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Jar; four color polychrome with zig-zag motif

Small jar; buff slip with feather, floral and bird motifs

Bowl; buff slip with black and red geometric design

Jar; white slip with geometric, bird and floral motifs

Jar; "Roadrunners" with geometric elements

Canteen; realistic deer with reather patterns and floral elements

St. John's Polychromel; cracked; red slipped with black interlocking fret desing in the interior; white interlocking fret design on the exterior

Bodahochi Polychrome? Orange slipped with black and white design in the interior

Reserve/Tularosa black on white; black design on white/grey slip; modelled animal head handle on the neck

Pinedale Polychomre? red and white exterior simple design; black and white geometric design in four quadrants on red interior

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