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Portrait of a distinguished gentleman with a full beard, black evening suit and holding a book in his left hand. In front of Victorian curtains with the Ohio River and hills in the window.

Small clapboarded cottage with gable roof, enclosed chimney each end, center door which is flanked by 12/12 windows, 2 on each side of door. Fence of horizontal boards (rabbit fence) with gate of upright pickets. Black clad figure of woman stands…

Gray, single story cabin, gable roof with attached shed with gable roof and overhung roof for animal shelter. Autumn colors in landscape, soft shades of rust and gray. Horizontal rail fence at road side.

Landscape scene with mountains in background, bridge in foreground

Portrait of the artist's father in 19th century dress; oval frame

Portrait of the artist's mother in 19th century dress; oval frame
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