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  • Collection: US Pottery

Jugtown Plate; Reglazed and refired, turning green in the process.

Container with lid- salt glaze (?). Mottled olive greens.

Framed Rookwood ceramic plaque, painted with landscape scene

Vase; decorative vase, green glazed ceramic, with black mottling in glaze. Shape is round, somewhat squat, with a 1" shaped neck opening at top and a foot ring at base.

Vase; cylinder shape with enlarged top decorated with landscape scene. Vellum glaze over scene of slender trees with no leaves encircling vase; winter look to piece; tones of gray, blue, lavender, cream--design encircles vase.

Ivory-white female nude figurine seated on a base

Vase; Base ring with incised band, globular paneled body, long neck, flaring lip, mottled blue and rose color.

Vase; polychrome paint under a transparent matte glaze. Depicts purple wisteria and leaves.

Outside has 4 self-molded feet, is warm brown matte glaze; inside vessel is blue-green matte glaze with darker color at bottom; two series of rust marks in base, such as an iron "frog" would cause.

Rookwood Vase; flaring shape with pinched base ring and neck olive, fuschia interior glaze. High shouldered, green and pink colors.
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