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  • Collection: US Pottery

Vase; sea green glaze with orange day lillies on cobalt blue ground, cylinder.

Pair of Bookends; cornucopia pattern on base, blue color.

Tulip Vase; Ovoid vase, matte glaze of dark green with red flower petals and some shading to light green and cream, with incised design of tulips.

Vase; cylinder shape with enlarged top decorated with landscape scene. Vellum glaze over scene of slender trees with no leaves encircling vase; winter look to piece; tones of gray, blue, lavender, cream--design encircles vase.

Trillium Vase; cylinder shape with slightly enlarged top. Vellum glaze, band of blue at top and bottom, center section creamy white; decorated with three trillium blossoms of white petals, green stems and leaves.

Vase; Plum-colored, small, round vase with matte glaze.

Vase; High gloss glaze. Dark green with design on incised violets scattered at random on body and neck.

Swan Dish; animal-stylized swan in sleeping position. Cream matte glaze on ceramic.

Vase; 2-tone glaze pink to green, pinched neck with flaring lip. Floral, stylized band. Tall cylinder.

Vase; Pale blue, variated coloration, bulbous body, long slender neck, flaring flat tip.
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