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  • Collection: African Art

Female looking up with hands held under breast (a sign of respect); raised crucifix on back appearing to be scarification. Handle with brass tacks on incised cruciforms. Made for sale and worked to affect age/use, probably same workshop as Lot 37.

Two bands of pattern woven cloth sewn together @ 15 warp threads per inch, white ground with black pattern.

Wooden loom for weaving raffia textile

Box, wood and brass tacks, with carved designs similar to those seen in Kuba textiles and houses.

Box, incised wood

Women's skirt, "Ncaka nseuha."

Self-hemmed raffia textile, Woman's Overskirt

Woman's overskirt, raffia textile

Woman's apron (cache sex) metal chains.

Handwoven cotton cloth with brown/black square, white stripes and brown/black diamond design; twining at each end decorated with handmade bead.
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