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Wide-rimmed bowl, colorless blown glass; hollow lip with wide fold on underside; two grip-handles on outside of rim, consisting of thick frilled trails, base ring; high pontil mark on base.

Wide-rimmed shallow bowl, colorless blown glass, hollow flaring lip with wide fold on underside; base ring.

1978.c.2.120 image 2.jpg
Votive bowl, faience, lotus motif, geometric ban, blue-green.

Vessel, faience, blue-green, oval body, flared mouth.

1978.c.2.121 image 1.jpg
Vessel, faience, blue, ribbed body, straight neck.

1978.c.2.123 image 1.jpg
Vessel with ribbed body, black glaze.

Green glass, globular bulbous body, long neck pinched at body with lip.

Green glass, globular bulbuous body, tapering neck pinched at body.

Pale green, flared mouth, hole.

1997.388 image square.jpg
Ushabti figurine;standing figure, composed of ceramic, blue glaze.
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