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Amphoriskos, blue-green blown glass; two applied handles; seven deep thumb indents on ovoid body; flat bottom.

Unguent bottle, glass, core formed, with applied rim-disk handles (lost) and base knob; applied marvered and unmarvered threads. Cobalt blue ground with yellow decoration. Both handles missing. Narrow body, ribbed.

1978.s.2.41 image square.jpg
Faience sculpture, amulet of ape, green.

Large hollow amulet, standard faience color.

1978.s.2.37 image square.jpg
Faience amulet of KHNUM? (Horus?)

1978.s.2.45 image square.jpg
Fragment of a caricatured animal deity, Terra-cotta figure, mold-made, tan.

Bulbous terracotta vessel painted in black with anthropomorphic figures, frieze of lines at neck, flat lip, handle

Pale green phial, fluted with lip.

Unguentarium, yellow-green blown glass; cage of zigzag threads on neck; conical foot.

Green beaker with heavy wire molded around center.
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